About Christianity

Christian life is lived in relationship with God through Jesus Christ. In common with other Christians, we seek to deepen that relationship and to follow the way that Jesus taught his disciples.

Central to that relationship is knowing we can trust God. Saint Paul says at the end of the eighth chapter of his letter to the Church in Rome, 'if God is for us, who can be against us?' And this is the heart of our faith.

How do we know that 'God is for us'?

God loves you and has proved it. How? Because Jesus his son died for you.

Jesus Christ, the one person completely in tune with God - with what God wants and what God is doing - carried the burden of our human betrayal of God and our turning away from goodness.

Jesus allowed himself to be betrayed and rejected, executed in a humiliating and agonising way.

Even so, Jesus has not turned his back on us. Death did not succeed in silencing him or removing him from the world. Jesus is alive. His love is alive, having survived the worst that can happen to anyone - being killed.

Nothing - says St Paul in the same passage - can separate us from this love.

Knowing we are ultimately loved is no excuse for behaving just as we like. Once we know that God is 'for us', we open up to the gift that God wants to give us - which is a share in his own love and freedom and mercy.

We breathe with his breath - that's part of what it means to say that we receive God's 'Spirit', which makes us live like Jesus: 'in tune' with God.

If we really take in this message, we live lives of selfless generosity, always asking how the gifts given us - material or imaginative or spiritual or whatever - can be shared in a way that brings other people more fully alive. And we are able to trust the generosity of others and be free to receive what they have to give us. We give and receive freely.

A result is generosity, gratitude and confidence that when we fail we are still loved

We begin with a focus on Jesus' life and death and resurrection. That's where we start in the lifelong job of being a Christian.

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