Dorothy and Don Perham have thoroughly researched the Life of St Paul and the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela,  travelling the roads of France, Spain and the Eastern Mediterranean.

For our benefit, Dorothy and Don have generously given their accounts for us to read and enjoy.

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Summary Travels with a Bicycle: tracing a route from St Malo to the source of the Loire
Description On a sunny morning - Tuesday 18th May - we cycled downhill to East Croydon Station and took the through train to Portsmouth harbour. It is an easy ride to the Ferry port and we had a supper of fish and chips. While waiting to board we met a young couple from Canada, who were off to the Loire after a tour of England, and two other chaps who were off on a camping trip. Our plan was to join the Loire upstream from the busy port of Nantes and follow it to its source at Gerbier de Jonc. This was near Le Puy which was one of the principal starting points of the Chemin de St Jacques. Having followed the Camino from Logroño to Santiago we decided to complete the journey. This well illustrated book is a companion volume to Don and Dorothy Perham's 'Camino Book'.
Summary Biking El Camino de Santiago
Description It all started when we were comfortably tucked up in bed and listening to Book at Bedtime. The story recounted the journey of a father and son who cycled along the Pilgrim Route in Northern Spain to Santiago where St James, the patron saint of Spain, is buried. “It would be quite an experience” I murmured. “Retirement is looming, and we have done no serious cycling since our teens,” Don reminded me, “it is not for us”. A newspaper article on the same subject the following Saturday tempted us to make a phone call and, suddenly, we had two air tickets - out to Bilbao and back from Santiago. All that was needed now was bicycles, suitable clothing and essential maintenance tools. Realising just what we had done forced some activity. “We should go and look at bicycles” Don suggested the following Saturday. We were soon talked into buying smart, matching, touring bicycles and enough spare parts for seven thousand kilometres instead of the seven hundred we were planning. Maps, pilgrim passports and guide books were the other essentials. Passports are stamped at designated churches and other offices as a record of progress along the Camino and finally produced at Santiago as proof of the journey. Knowledge of the legends associated with the Pilgrimage, interesting church buildings and associations with Saint James adds tremendously to the expedition. To get our Compostela we needed to bike at least 200 km. The route we planned to bike, from Logroño to Santiago, easily met this criterion. The map of our trip on the next page illustrates the route we took including our trip by rental car from Santiago....
Summary Paul - Our Apostle. An account of the life of St Paul by Don and Dorothy Perham
Description Dr John Moses, Dean of St Paul's writes: I am grateful for the work that has been done by Dorothy and Donald Perham in giving us this account of the life of St Paul. It is impossible to exaggerate the influence of St Paul. It was his achievement to set the infant church upon the road of becoming a world-wide community of faith. This presentation of St Paul’s life and his missionary journeys has been well researched, and the account is informative and lively. It is certainly my hope that all who read this book will come to a greater appreciation of the Apostle and of his contribution to our understanding of our Christian faith today.
Summary Syria and the Land of Cedars
Description A pictorial account of a trip by Dorothy and Don Perham to Lebanon and Syria in Autumn 1999









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