The Organ of St Matthew Croydon

The Organ of St Matthew Croydon

Noel Mander organ at St Matthew Croydon

Designed and constructed by Noel Mander in 1972, the organ at St Matthew's comprises the following:

Great Organ

8' Chimney Flute

4' Principal

4' Flute

2' Octave

1 1/3' Larigot

Swell Organ

8' Stopped Diapason

8' Salicional

4' Gemshorn

2' Fifteenth

III Mixture

8' Trumpet

Pedal Organ

16' Sub Bass

4' Gemshorn


Swell to Great

Swell to Pedal

Great to Pedal

To celebrate the first 25 years of the Mander Organ, Margaret Hinder GRSM ARCO ARCM recorded in 1997 a CD of organ music. One of the tracks is available below for you to hear:

Organ Music

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