Overview of support

Supporting covers the free donation of our talent, skills, time and our money to the church and to the community. 

Because we have received so much from God, it is natural to want to give some back. There is a variety of ways we can do this, which you can explore under the heading of 'Support'. 

Before looking at the other Support pages, consider the following examples:

  • St Matthew's has a network of people who undertake pastoral visits to those who are in nursing and care homes in the parish, and to those who are housebound. 

  • St Matthew's supports the Episcopal/Anglican Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa through prayer and financial assistance.

  • During the cold winter season, we provide a shelter to the homeless in Croydon for one night each week, sharing with six other churches so that homeless people have somewhere to sleep for the entire week. You may have heard of the 'Croydon Churches Floating Shelter'. We are a part of that venture. 

If ever you are asked for support by a homeless person,or you come across a person who is homeless do use the following link https://www.streetlink.org.uk   StreetLink is a website, phone app and telephone line that acts as a referral system and a way of connecting people who are rough sleeping to local services for support. Ask the person if they would like to be put in touch with local support services. If they respond 'yes' then gather information needed by Streetlink and enter the detail you have collected on the streetlink.org.uk website. You will need to create a user account so that Streetlink can communicate with you. 

Other agencies are shown in the chart below: