A selection of recent services

If you are exploring the kind of services we offer, or are unable to join us for services, you may wish to listen to a recent sermon or browse a recent service sheet. 

If you are interested in sermons given at recent Christian festivals such as Christmas and Easter, please look further down the list. 

To look at a recent service sheet, see further down the page. 


Up to ten of our most recent sermons are listed under the title 'Media' below.

To listen to a recorded sermon, click on the title you are interested to hear. You will see further details. To play the recording, you may on some computers be able to press the 'play' button on a control beneath the description. On other computers, click on the provided media file link to play the recording. 

Our audio recordings are mp3 or mp4a files. When you click on a link, the file should start playing within about 30 seconds from within your web browser. However, your computer setup may vary.

Please ensure that your headphones or loudspeakers are turned on and that you have adjusted the volume to suit.

If your web browser does not have a plugin to play mp3 files, we suggest you right-click on the file link to download the file to your computer. You should then be able to listen to the sermon using a stand-alone media player which is already installed on your computer.


Festival sermons

Sermon - 24th September - Patronal Festival - 0830

Mediafile: /media/201709240830.mp3 (9.1 MB)

Sermon by Rev Simon Foster